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Bolos Foundation Food Assistance Program

30 Families

Targeted population

3 Months

April 2020 - june 2020

Support families with groceery store gift cards. In response to COVID-19.


Bolos Foundation

The Bolos Foundation was founded for the purpose of supporting like-minded ministries as they impact their communities one neighborhood, one family, or simply one life at a time.

The Bolos Foundation is dedicated to helping the helpers. We accomplish this by leveraging our resources and network of generous philanthropic business owners, individuals, and families to raise money for the dozens of 501(c)(3) non-profits that we support.



Our Mission of Work and Our Vision for Change

The Bolos Foundation is committed to serving charities who are giving back to their communities in a meaningful way.

Shiloh Place

To equip single mothers with financial independence and personal wholeness by addressing their physical, educational, emotional and spiritual needs.

Dallas Leadership Foundation

To Identify, affirm, and develop leaders to transform communities Long-term transformation occurs when there is a critical mass of local, resourced, networked leaders.

Hope Clinic McKinney

To share the love of Jesus Christ by partnering with our community to provide quality, compassionate healthcare and resources to our medically underserved neighbors.

Living For Zachary

Dedicated to raising awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in youth and saving lives through community education, youth heart screenings, and donating Automated External Defibrillators to youth-based organizations

Ring Of Hope

Ring of Hope boxing programs instill character, confidence and compassion in at risk youth, with a mission to help them overcome challenges they face in underserved communities.

Imani Bridges

Training, inspiring and nurturing people with a call for empowering African communities. Its distinctiveness is advocating for the restoration of these communities with a Biblically based philosophy of integrating Christian faith and community development activities.

Campus Outreach

A global network of ministries working through local churches to reach and develop the next generation of Christ-centered leaders on the university campus.

Mid Cities Church

Our mission is to live authentic, intentional, spirit-led lives; to share the truth of God's word with all people; and to develop fully devoted followers of Christ.

Time To Revive

Time to Revive travels throughout the US, awakening the Church from her sleepy state and equipping the saints for Christ's return. TTR partners with the local Church in each community, bringing believers together across denominations and inspiring them to go in the power of the Holy Spirit and make disciples.

Beautiful Feet

Beautiful Feet provides seminars, conferences and publications that are designed to give the American church a basic understanding of God’s heart for the unreached and of His call on the lives of every believer to partner with Him in bringing the good news to the ends of the earth.

The Parks Church

We believe the Holy Spirit, moving through dedicated families and individuals who were hungry to see Jesus reign on earth as in heaven, has built this local church. Our story is not unlike many other faithful churches, but remembering how we began allows us to continue faithfully on.

Christ's Hope International

Christ’s Hope International is the body of Christ dedicated to caring for AIDS-affected, orphaned, and vulnerable children. From our humble beginnings in a small town in Namibia, Christ’s Hope International now cares for over 1,300 children in 28 Ministry CarePoints across Africa.

Sadie Bolos Ministries

The Bolos Academy is a faith-based organization dedicated to Inspire, Equip and Educate Individuals, Businesses and Organizations through life’s transitions. Embrace the possibilities of life with passion, purpose and focus. Through our keynotes, coaching, training, community events, and passionate prayer, life is transformed.


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Transforming the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in extreme poverty

Christ’s Hope International is the body of Christ dedicated to caring for AIDS-affected, orphaned, and vulnerable children. From our humble beginnings in a small town in Namibia, Christ’s Hope International now cares for over 1,500+ children in 30+ Ministry CarePoints across Africa. National leaders run our programs and provide compassionate, Christ-centered care, which equips children to live in a family unit. We use a comprehensive model that focuses on meeting educational, physical, social, spiritual and emotional needs to ensure that we are effectively battling the cycle of AIDS and poverty. We have the opportunity to help raise up a new generation of CYCLEBREAKERS.

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